WEEP Village

What we want to do:

In the lead-up to graduation from WEEP class every year, our women are both nervous and excited as they prepare to continue their businesses independently outside of the class environment at LPK.


Even after the women graduate, though, we endeavour to continue supporting them and ensure that they survive and thrive. As graduation nears, we prepare to transition the women to their semi-permanent housing in the WEEP Village. They are meant to live in the village rent-free for up to four years. The four years are a stabilization and growth phase.


The women are encouraged to take advantage of the microfinance option offered to them during their graduation to buy land and expand their businesses. After four years, the women should be stable in their businesses and have finished paying off the loans they took out to buy land.

Of course, if we increase the number of women enrolled in our program at our new WEEP Centre, then we will also have to increase the amount of available accommodations that we provide to our women. At the moment, we have two WEEP villages where we house WEEP graduates. Our goal is to construct permanent buildings where our women and their families can live on several floors.

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