Support Group

Women who decide to participate in LPK support services have been able to access and adhere to treatment are also invited to attend a weekly support group. The support group provides psycho-social support, peer education, peer support, health education, resources, and builds the required social capital the women need to be able to thrive.


Social support covers a range of topics from HIV education and prevention, re-infection, STD’s/TB/Hepatitis, diet and nutrition, medical concerns, mental wellbeing, stigma, isolation, economic sustainability, among many other topics depending on the need and trends in the area of HIV/AIDS


Women who are healthy enough to leave their homes to come to the support group meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm. They get a meal, talk about their week and their struggles, whilst supporting each other and have the opportunity to listen to a talk from a speaker.

The support group creates a sense of community and belonging for the women. Creating a sense of community for them is important because many of them have been rejected by their own families and friends and often feel isolated and alone during the worst of their struggles.