Ongoing Projects

LPK continues to grow and expand thanks to donations from contributors and sponsors. This page features details on projects that have helped our women lead stable and healthy lives. It also shows a glimpse at the exciting future that lies ahead for LPK.

WEEP Centre

As LPK continues to grow, so do our goals. We want to enrol more and more women into WEEP. The waiting list for women looking to enrol continues to grow. We have purchased some farmland so that we can construct a WEEP Centre. We hope to accommodate up to 30 women at a time. LEARN MORE

WEEP Village

Of course, if we increase the number of women enrolled in our program, then we will also have to increase the number of available accommodations that we provide to our women. Our goal is to construct permanent buildings where our women and their families can live on several floors. LEARN MORE


The LPK farm currently houses the four pools of fish for our fish farm project, as well as 1, 300 chickens. Our next goal is to raise enough money to construct a greenhouse on the farm so that we can provide our women with additional sources of nutrition and income. LEARN MORE

Salama School

At the moment, Salama consists of three pre-school classrooms and a daycare. We would like to construct several daycare classrooms so that we can support more families. We also want to build a kitchen, dining hall, and an additional floor to the pre-school building for primary classes. LEARN MORE

Salama Home

We would like to construct a safe haven for the children of the women in WEEP so that they don't need to be sent to boarding schools. Instead, children will attend Salama School and take a school bus to Salama Home in the evening. This way, they can be closer to their mothers. LEARN MORE