WEEP Centre

What we want to do:

As LPK continues to grow, so do our goals. We are proud of all of the women that enter into our program; however we want to enrol more and more women into WEEP. The waiting list for women looking to enrol continues to grow. Unfortunately, our rented office location can only accommodate so many women. That is why we have purchased some farmland so that we can construct a WEEP Centre. We hope to be able to accommodate up to 30 women at a time in our new centre.


The improved facilities will give us the room to offer women additional courses and workshops, such as hairdressing, IT, and baking. These new and exciting courses will lead to new and exciting business opportunities.


The centre will also be a great source of additional income for the program. Not only will it save us 40, 000 KES on office rental costs every month, but we will also be able to offer our courses and workshops to women outside of our program who are looking to learn some new skills. 


If you would like to donate, please click on the "Donate" button and type "WEEP Centre" in the subject line so we know how to allocate your donation.