The daycare is located in the heart of the Mathrri slum, where the majority of these families live.


The daycare was established for two reasons:


1) It is a place where mothers who are working or participating in the HIV Intervention or WEEP programs can leave their children during the day.


2) It is a place where the children can be safe, have fun, and receive a daily meal. These are all elements that are important in a child's development.


The daycare provides the children the following:


  • 3 classrooms for children of different ages

  • Daily classroom activities

  • Tutoring when school is out of session

  • Library & nursery

  • Playground area

  • Special events (e.g., plays, painting classes, etc.)

  • The children are also provided with a hot meal at lunch while attending the daycare


The daycare is a part of Salama School, which houses 75 students from the ages of 3-6 years old. Click HERE to learn more about Salama School.


Check out the video below for a short video of the children at daycare