Our Goal

To create sustainable opportunities for HIV positive women and their families to improve their economic and health conditions. Living Positive Kenya (LPK) works to improve the physical and psychological health of women living with HIV and their families, as well as, to improve the socio-economic status of these economically insecure women through the following objectives.


Specific Objectives:

  • To improve the health of women living with HIV/AIDS

  • To increase their knowledge of proper nutritional guidelines

  • To improve the mental health of women living with HIV

  • To reduce the burden of overwhelming b thoughts and feelings regarding their lives

  • To empower women living with HIV to reach social-economic independence

  • To increase the knowledge of HIV in the community we serve

  • To change the attitudes towards HIV/ AIDS among community members

  • To provide effective substance abuse prevention resources

  • To increase the safety and health of neglected children of women who infected with HIV.

  • To increase knowledge of HIV/AIDS to prevent future infections among the affected and infected children.


Our Target Population

Living Positive Kenya (LPK) specifically targets women living with HIV and their families. The women that we target are living in the slums of Mathare and Gichagi, Ngong, are HIV positive, economically under sustained, and in need of HIV treatment to improve their health and skills for economic sustainability. Additionally, we target the children and youth of these slums who are affected or infected with HIV and are in need of further education to improve their future outcomes.